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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stressed, unhappy and never off the litter tray... what's going on?

Dear George,  
I am a very troubled boy, and I hope that you can help me.
 I lived in a nice house with my human, and I liked it very much. I had all my things around me, direct access to the garden and I was very comfortable and relaxed there. It was my house – my home!
 Then about 8 weeks ago, there was lots of disruptions all my things were packed away and I was put in my cat basket and taken to another house – a strange house, with lots of strange smells…and none of them my comforting home smells. Obviously I was distressed by this and began meowing continuously to my human and pacing up and down the rooms. My human tried to comfort me by stroking me and talking softly to me. She also put down worn items of her clothing in different rooms so I could smell her everywhere around the house, but it still didn’t calm me.
 As the weeks went on my agitation grew and I just couldn’t settle. My agitation was made worse by the fact that we are now living in a flat, so I have to go out of my house and down a strange ‘shared’ corridor to get outside. And there is another cat who lives next door to us that uses the corridor too, and he didn’t take kindly to me using it and spat at me. Now I am even more upset. My human bought some Feliway plug ins, and whilst they calm me down for a while, my anxiety comes back.
 I have taken to using my litter tray constantly, sometimes as much as every ten minutes, which has given me a very sore and irritated bottom and I sometimes have a bit of blood in my urine. My human is very, very worried about me and doesn’t know where to turn.
 A few months before the move, I got lost for a number of weeks before I was found and re-united with my human. I was a rather traumatised from the experience, but soon settled down back in my home. So I don’t know if this has anything to do with my reaction now at the house move?
 Can you help me George and help my human to understand why I’m behaving like this and not settling down?
 Yours tearfully,

Dear Thomas,
There is few things more upsetting to a cat than moving house. There you are settled and happy in your territory, when suddenly your pet human stuffs you in a cat box and turns you out into a strange new place. All the smells are wrong. You don't know where anything is. And it feels very very unsafe.
Most of us hide under the bed for a day or two. But some sensitive cats like you suffer from stress-induced illness. All that going to the litter tray is, I fear, a sign of cystitis. Vets (loathsome people) call it FIC, Feline Idiopathic Cystitis.  "Idiopathic" just means "we don't know the cause." But we cats do know the cause. It's stress due to house moving.
The earlier trauma of getting lost will not have helped. That must have been unsettling and probably also very frightening. Then this... poor Thomas. Even loathsome vets know that moving house is stressful for cats and can result in FIC.
Having to share the corridor with another strange cat (who hisses because he is frightened too) is another stress. Perhaps your humans could invest in a cat ladder letting you go outside from the window. Or put several cardboard boxes with entrances in them, where you can hide if the strange cat passes by. Or just keep you safely in the flat till you have recovered. My human's website has some suggestions for how to make indoor life more interesting for you.
Why humans insist on changing their territory is beyond my imagination.  They are a very insensitive species. Your letter makes me feel angry about their ridiculous behaviour.
They must reduce your stress and read the instructions at
Yours with sympathy,
PS. We hate vets but this is one time when you need their help.


  1. You are so cute Thomas! George is right - you need to see a good vet (I would prefer one that uses alternative medicine as well such as acupuncture, homeopathy, supplements & minerals, etc.) Dr. H.G. Wolff DVM (you can find his books at Amazon) recommends for your bladder problems Belladonna 6 (potency 6) - 1 pellet every two hours until you feel better or Apis 3 or 6 - 3 pellets every two hours until your mom sees improvements. She can dissolve the pellets in a drop of spring water (tell her do not touch the pellets with her hand or metal) and then put one of your treat in there to absorb the water and you eat it (it doesn't have any taste or smell) For stress tell your mommy to rub 2 drops of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy on your ear (it is a tincture and she can do it 2 -3 x a day). Also, if are so spooked by the new flat suggest her to contact Karen Kingston (she lives in UK) to do a space clearing - maybe some strange energies that you can feel but your mom can't were left in the flat.

  2. Poor Thomas! My mummy knows a big deal about holistic care for us!
    If your mummy would like to contact mine ...let me know here on George's blog and I'll send her info privately (I don't want to look like I'm marketing)
    Be well & relaxed

  3. Thomas, my human mom uses holistic vets for me and my brother for years.
    Homeopathic remedies work for me and are not invasive or have any side effects.
    Hope you de-stress soon :-)

  4. Here we go again....about human lack of common sense and arrogance. How could she move without your express permission in the first place? She made a mistake and now she worries!
    Stop going outside for a while and ignore her too unless she spends more time playing with you and getting you more relaxed and feeling good into your new flat.

  5. Thomas, may be you both should watch this video at
    When you open the webpage click on "Free Healing Experience" -
    it is a 23 minutes video playing music and it's about quantum healing (whatever that is). My mummy run it the other day and as I was listening to the music I felt very relaxed and I had loving feelings towards my sister and my humans. They seemed to be quite relaxed too! Who knows? Maybe it's worth to try :-)

  6. Thomas, better in a flat than on the streets! You got lost once and probably you are still scared. Maybe at that time someone took/kept you inside a flat until you have been found again or escaped and the memory is still alive? I'm sure that your mummy's love will help overcome the stress.


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