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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Finding a chiropractor for cats

Dear George,

You didn’t hear from me lately as I was busy seeing a chiropractic doctor twice a week. I would like to share my experience with you all. I’d like to educate other cats and their human pets as too many times humans are not aware that there are other alternatives to allopathic (medical) care and they give up on us way too easy! My mommy read some of Dr. Schoen’s articles and somewhere he mentioned that a “good chiropractor can do miracles” and a “bad chiropractor can do much damage.” The problem is how do you recognize a good chiropractor? I’d tell you how – by the results he/she gets! One way is to ask around, wait by his/her door and ask the patients. Another way is by referrals from people you know and trust. But, I’m sure that anybody interested will find a way.

Last time you heard from me I was doing some intense chiropractic treatments at the holistic vet but, neither I or my mommy were too excited about the VOM geek – it was painful, too much pressure on my spine! Mom gave me a break and start asking around. She came across Dr. Leo Rosenberg, a chiropractor doctor for both us and our human pets! How wonderful! His nickname is “Dr. Miracle” and indeed he did some amazing things healing lots of cats, dogs, horses and of course humans. He is in practice for over 50 years. But, let me tell you about Dr. Leo. When I first got to his office I thought we got the wrong address and actually this was an “emergency vet clinic”; as one dog was going in and one dog was coming out! I learned that people travel from a long distance with their pets to get treated by him. I was a bit scared but he was such a sweetheart: very gentle, soft spoken, pocking fun and giving me the best massage I ever had on my back! He was very gentle in giving the adjustments, no cracking bones! It is a gentle, cumulative process! Actually I was so relaxed on his lap that I started purring. I felt much better right away and I could see progress in my getting back to normal; no more pain after treatments, actually being pain free and more active! Honestly….after his treatments l felt like I was coming from a spa not a doctor! I even got a” pink bathrobe” at home for the occasion (as you can see in the photo).

The funny thing is that Dr. Leo has two sons: Paul who sacrificed himself for humanity – he treats only our human pets (as they are more twisted then us) and Mark – who is a much younger but identical copy of Dr. Leo (even the voice) – who treats both animals and their human pets. Just like his daddy! But George, I don’t want to take to much space with my letter. Anybody interested can visit Dr. Leo’s website at:

There are some videos posted there. And anybody interested in my particular condition and treatment can ask me privately. I’m sure you have good chiropractic doctors in UK as well. Amanda is one of them (you posted her contact info in an older post).

George, I sincerely hope that humans will consider all medical alternatives when it comes to their health and ours.

Love to all


Dear Cayenne,

Thank you for your experience which I am sure will be useful for other cats. Here in the UK chiropractic help cannot legally be given to animals without a vet's referral. Which is sensible because you need a chiropractor who understands animals and has experience in the field. The same applies to physiotherapists and osteopaths, some of whom also treat animals.

Celia says she isn't too keen on alternative health remedies but I notice she visits physios and osteopaths when her back hurts and takes a few supplements each day... sort of hypocritical, I think. But that is humans for you. She says she thinks alternatives should only be used as well as, not instead of, proper medical treatment. Grudgingly, I will admit that this makes sense.

Yours musingly,



  1. Dear George, it wasn't my intention to imply that "alternative" medicine can totally and completely substitute the more "traditional" medical care but all alternative approaches can help and speed the healing. I like them since they are less invasive and easy to do it and they WORK! Dr. Leo knows and works with both Dr. Kneebone and my other vet. In North America the chiropractic doctors working on animals HAVE to be certified to do this. Hope this will put some light on the topic:-)

  2. Many people with high blood pressure would like to find a way to avoid taking medication. A trip to the chiropractor may seem an unlikely alternative. But an intriguing study is showing that a special kind of neck adjustment is helping some patients lower their blood pressure without drugs.

  3. My vet doesn't believe in homeopathy or other "alternative" resources but my mummy does! When I got a wound in my mouth from a fishing hook the vet gave me some medicine and mummy supplemented with arnica 30 and it did help with pain and healing.
    I could feel it :-)

  4. Cayenne, you look pretty cool in that pink bathrobe! Since we share Dr. Kneebone.....maybe I should pay a visit to Dr. Leo too!

  5. Cayenne, do these dudes (I mean humans) understand quantum physics? Of course not! Then, how do you expect them to understand quantum/vibrational medicine?
    I recommend one book: Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, MD.

  6. I found the subject fascinating! I wish more cats or their humans tell us about their thoughts or experience. We all can learn and help each other.

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