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Friday, May 05, 2017

Look what the sun has done to me.... its' dangerous.

Dear George,
I am writing to warn other cats. I lived with a family that couldn't afford vet bills. My ears got crusty and they took no notice till the crustiness was very bad.
Then they chucked me out to fend for myself although I was 16 years old. Luckily Cats Protection found me, took me in, fed me, and took me to a vet.
It was bad news - skin cancer. So they had to amputate my ears. Now I am recovered from the operation. The ears feel a bit odd and I can't swivel them so well as I used to. Otherwise I am fine.
Be warned. Cats like me that are white or have white faces, must stay out of the sunlight as much as possible during summer. 
I have survived so cancer wasn't a death sentence. Being chucked out on the street nearly was....

Dear Pearl,
Thank you for the warning.  Readers, please remember this and get your humans to understand that white ears and faces are at risk of skin cancer. Whatever your colour, even black, if your face is white you are vulnerable. Any signs of scabbiness or crustiness on the ear means a visit to the vet (yes, I loathe vets too) as soon as possible.
Good human servants will keep you in during the full sunlight and buy your special cat sun screen.
But some humans are disgusting! They just threw Pearl out into the street when she got old and needed veterinary care. Warning to other cats - if you have that sort of human as a pet, leave home and find yourself a better one as soon as possible.
Yours indignantly


  1. Poor Pearl, I am glad you have a good home now. Our cat Prancie lost her ears to frostbite when someone tossed her out.

  2. How awful and cruel of Pearl's former humans to abandon her like that. I'm so glad she was rescued, and lived to give us this important message.

  3. Thank you, Pearl and George, for sharing this important information. Especially with summer coming here in the states, this is extra important and we hope people take notice.

  4. pearl, we R troo lee sorree

    we hope de ******* that tossed ya on de streetz getz a big doze oh pay bak ...big time....

    we R thanx full Cat's protection finded ewe N gived ewe de help N love ewe dee serve.....thanx for thiz message N blessingz two ewe ♥♥♥

  5. Thanks to Pearl and George. Awesome post.

  6. It breaks my heart to hear Pearl's story or any similar story! It's all too familiar to all of us rescued cats! Thanks God for being rescued and saved.Thanks for the sun & cancer warning!
    Love to all cats

  7. Carla, the tuxedo catMay 07, 2017

    I pledged long ago that I won't let "hate" become part of my vocabulary or feelings! But, when I hear stories like Pearl's I can't keep up with my pledge! I "hate" humans with no conscience, who are ignorant and selfish and don't think or care about the consequences of their acts. Thanks God Pearl was saved!
    Carla, the tuxedo cat

  8. Thanks God for all rescued cats! My heart goes to all not rescued yet! May they be saved sooner than later!

  9. I had no idea the sunlight can burn us! Thanks for sharing!
    As ...for the heartless idiots (you called them family) who threw you out on the streets ..hope they get what they deserve! I'm glad you have been rescued and you are safe now!

  10. How dreadful Pearl - how could you have been allowed to get such rotten people to look after you - they must be dreadful and we hope they will get put out on the streets themselves.
    Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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