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Saturday, November 19, 2016

My name is Teddy .. I am 3 years old and the most adorable long haired ginger male cat . I have a brother called Dolly he's very thin and unattractive (we are true brothers and came to live with our mum at the same time ) as soon as we arrived our human mother completely and utterly adored us .. Me probably more than dolly .. We were very spoiled well loved kittens .. Our human Mother's Day revolved around us... We had the best of everything. 
My problem is I cannot stand my human mother. She tries to pick me up and I push my paws into her to get her away . I stay out of the house as long as possible only popping in once a day for food , then I leave as quickly as I can. She always gets excited when she sees me. Because I am so very big fluffy and beautiful. I never want to spend time with her or in the house. Where as my skinny brother adores her and stays in the home all the time and even dribbles when he's on her lap! Yuck.. So my question is why do I hate her so much? Have you got any tips on how I can be like Dolly and love my human mother.
Yours perfectly 

Dear Teddy,
Let's face it. Some of us just don't like our human pets. We have them because they are useful - for feeding us, providing warm beds (though they take up too much room), and a house for when it is bad weather. That's just how it is.
I wouldn't bother too much about your feelings. Remember, we are the superior species. Humans are lucky that we want to spend any time with them at all. But there are moments when it would be worth faking love - before feeding time and at night when it is cold and you want to sleep next to her for her warmth.
So try to fake a purr now and again. It could pay off. She will probably be so pathetically grateful for any attention, that more food will come your way.
And if she harasses you for a cuddle just give her a little nip.
Yours George
PS. Dolly can't help being a creep. It's just her genes. You've got the lone gene and she's got the snuggle gene.


  1. Teddy, are you hating all humans or only your human mom? Because if you hate all humans you are in trouble! You can't rehome and that means you'll live on your own on the streets!
    Better be kind and appreciate your human.

  2. Dolly is the problem not your human! Because Dolly is such a creep as George said and she's constantly asking for attention ...your human Mom is trying to make it up to your without thinking that you don't like to be held :-)
    Try to adjust!

  3. Hello .. Teddy here .
    I don't hate all humans .. ( well I have very little to do with them ) .. I just hate it my human mother .. She gets so excited when I squeeze thro the cat flap .. Giving it " teddy teddy teddy " I'm like feed me you silly woman .. She goes rushing off chopping up chicken ( my favourite ) .. She tried to pick me up today I just pushed my large paws in her chest to get down . I am a very large cat . She would never rehome me .. She loves me way too much . I don't have an awful lot to do with Dolly she's usually on the bed .. I'm invited upstairs but I decline that offer Thankyou very much .. I eat and leave ... Although myself and dolly eat out of the same bowl .. We have never had a fight .. . Anyway Thankyou for your comments .. It's a pain in my fluffy bottom these " lovely dovey " humans ... Yuck

  4. I couldn't agree more with you Teddy....but these humans....well, their purpose in life is to serve us! I like to do the same....come inside and then take the ravine! The other night my human mummy was up until wee hours looking for me and calling our and loud my name!
    I was hiding behind a bush right in the backyard...laughing my head off! But, in the end I felt sorry for my human. I went back inside and let her hold me and give me few kisses! It made a huge difference for her! She was in Heaven! Amigo, do the same! Be lovely to your human once in a while!

  5. Teddy, you are a spoiled brat! Beautiful and fluffy but spoiled!
    And you are lucky to live with your sister! I live with three other cats and we are not related :-(

  6. Teddy here
    Thankyou Diego and Vegas for your comments .. I am spoilt very spoilt .. And I love it .. As for Dolly well what can I say .. She means nothing to me ... When we were little we were always snuggled up together .. And with our human mum ... But I suppose I've just grown up and changed ... I don't even know why .. Could it be because our mum took me to the vets and I came back MISSING a very essential part of my body ... ?? I was very young and feel that I should of kept them a bit longer !
    Yours perfectly gourgous

  7. I'm with you Teddy! I just got snipped! But, let me tell you....keeping that "essential part" will only get you in trouble :-) I can understand your resentment....but, believe me it's not worthy. Forgiveness is priceless! My mum rescued me, she took me off the streets so I'm very grateful and happy now!
    Wishing you to get your "inner kitten" back soon :-)

  8. Carla, the tuxedo catNovember 26, 2016

    Zoe, you do such a great job!
    Kudos to you :-)
    Carla, the tuxedo cat

  9. adorable cat, wish i could have one


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