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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Larry the Downing Street Cat is in Danger

Dear George, 
Something very curious happened to me! Since I took up Cat-Yoga (pronounced Catha-yoga) both my energy and conscience expended to an unbelievable level! I’m no longer the sleepy kitten waiting for my Mom and Dad to rub my belly and give me little kisses!
Even more so my awareness of critical situation and injustice developed to such an extent that I became a very active supporter of the “animals’ rights” movement around the globe. Of course I have full support of my mummy and quite often I’ll send her to represent me at different demonstrations and protests!
I became aware of the changes going on in the UK lately and, with no intention to get into politics, I have to ask you one question! What is going to happen with Larry, the cat now? (NB: not to be mistaken for Larry, the tabby - the famous cat of CatCafe in Vancouver, Canada that your very meow-amazing Adele fell in love - or so the twitter world claims). 
So, getting back to our Larry – the cat living at 10 Downing - will he be abandoned once again? Will he be back on the streets?  Or will he continue to serve the nation from 10 Downing? I heard he was limping the other night? Did he get proper treatment? Does he have the full staff to his orders as before? I’m very worried about his fate. Should I start a cat revolution to save Larry?
George, I’m standing tall (as you can see in the picture attached) and waiting for your comments! You are closer to home than me.
Yours…. ready for action,

Dear Beau,
Larry has had a tough time lately - but its nothing to do with the new Prime Minister at no 10 Downing St. For a very brief period he was in charge of Number 10 after David Cameron left and before Theresa May was officially in charge. But he welcomed her into his home and all is well between them, as far as we can tell.
No. The danger has come from the Foreign Office. Not Boris Johnson, the Foreign secretary with the Donald Trump hair. But from Palmerston, a dark presence and sworn foe.
Palmerston is named after an expansionist Victorian Prime Minister, and seems to behave like his human predecessor.
He is a black and white cat. In his tuxedo with white gloves, he obviously thinks himself a cut above Larry from Battersea and is expanding into his territory.
So Larry has limped home with a wounded paw and the nation waits to see who will win this cat fight.
PS. Another competing mouse looms. Gladstone has joined the Treasury.


  1. You know it's an international incident when the New York Times covered it. I live in New York and mad about all three cats who live on the famous street. Perhaps Celia could intervene? Clearly some training is in order to prevent a feline WW3.

  2. CAT VictoriaJuly 23, 2016

    Just hope that David Cameron will follow our former PM Stephen Harper's example when he left the office. But, of course, Harper and his wife were well known cat lovers. Here is what the press said at the time!
    "Stanley and Gypsy -- along with Charlie, a pet chinchilla -- are all moving out of 24 Sussex Drive to live with the Harper family at their new permanent digs in Calgary".
    Good job Beau! And good luck Larry!
    CAT Victoria

  3. I wonder if "Larry" was a dog would David Cameron still leave him behind?
    After all he took Larry in for his children? What the children have to say now?
    They should take Larry with them and let him retire! Let him leave a life with no worries or responsibilities!

  4. Carla, the tuxedo catJuly 24, 2016

    Palmerston is wearing a "mask" which is much needed for the office he is in!
    I'm a tuxedo cat....much prettier than your Palmerston and not of Irish origin like Viscount Palmerston! I have European blue blood :-)))
    Totally agree....David Cameron should take responsibility for Larry's well being!
    Carla, the tuxedo cat

  5. Yes I think David Cameron should have taken Larry with him. He has been taken to a vet, staff had a whip round!!! PM obviously have more pressing engagements, should know us cats come first!!!
    Still the Daily Telegraph is featuring him daily, shaming them all.
    Poor Larry.
    Lots of love
    Toby xx

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  7. Another feline, Gladstone, a black rescue cat 😻 has arrived at the Treasury, a mouser!!! I understand PHILIP HAMMOND, likes him so hopefully he will settle in and take the pressure off Larry!!!
    And not increase it!!!.
    Love Toby xx

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