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Saturday, May 14, 2016

The cat that eats his broccoli....

Dear George,
It's true... I eat broccoli! And once more I put humans to shame as most of them “hate” broccoli! But not me. Of course I eat a species proper diet (meaning carnivore and well balanced) but I like to snack on broccoli … little bites at a time! My Mom is quite worried but I know it is good for me and it’s not doing any harm! I can even be a “poster cat” advertising for humans to eat their veggies! I’m setting up an example for kids!
Parents should be grateful! What do you think?

Dear Gizmo,
There are many ways that humans can learn from cats. Eating broccoli is only one of them. Humans can learn the value of silence from us, the importance of sleep, the beauty of graceful movement, and ability not to desire material possessions. These are spiritual as well as moral talents.
This all adds up to a spiritual superiority to humans. We have a natural absence of self pity: an acceptance of life as it is without the yearning for things to be different: the courage to live with pain: and a straight forward ability to live in the present most of the time. We don't shop. We don't envy. We don't try to control others. We walk away from, instead of towards, trouble. We keep ourselves clean without being vain about it.
So yes, you are an example for kids who won't eat their broccoli. But more than that. You, and every cat that is alive, sets an example of modest spirituality for humans to follow.
PS. If you Mom is worried about your habit of eating broccoli she should keep an eye on the litter box. There is a special chart here which will gives graphic illustrations of what poo stools. Grades 2-3 are what should be in the box. grade 3.5 onwards suggests you should ease up on the broccoli!


  1. That's a good one George! "We don't try to control others" Ha!Ha!Ha!
    When tell me what do we do with humans? Of course we control them :-)
    Gizmo, you look gorgeous between those broccoli heads!
    Great if you enjoy it (I don't).

  2. I would try broccoli but my humans eat very little vegetables!
    Guess...they rather eat a mouse than a broccoli floret :-)

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  4. Anika, whoever you are.....we make comments here not commercials!
    Anyway, I thought you suggest "no more grooming expenses" since we can groom ourselves by rubbing our back on a broccoli head! That will be fun :-)

  5. Carla, the tuxedo catMay 15, 2016

    Soooo funny! Gizmo, you are too much :-)
    Carla, the tuxedo cat

    PS. Bravos to George for the poo chart - very educational and helpful!

  6. Actually one of the holistic vets in the US recommends broccoli for cats! has to like it, right? Mommy loves it but no one else in the house likes it!

  7. Awesome share! Love your cat and your blog!

  8. Loving the blog! Really interesting stuff! (


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