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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Why is there so much animal abuse lately?

Dear George,
like to live my life in harmony & balance! I always thought that’s the right way and, silly me….I thought everybody else was thinking and feeling the same way! 
But I was wrong - lately there were lots of reports on animal abuse everywhere! 
What happened to humans? Why are they so cruel? My first human listed me on Kijiji 
I was lucky I was adopted by a kind human; usually no one knows what happens with the cats and dogs listed on such places. Usually they are bought to be abused and killed. 
Why are humans so sick? What happened to their soul and spirit?
Hoping for a miracle!

Dear Gizmo,
Human cruelty to animals is sickening. Here in the UK, an eighteen year old has just been convicted of torturing Jager, a Staffy dog, for a whole day - beating her, rupturing her liver, breaking her ribs, and burning her with a cigarette. He probably ended his torture play by strangling her - or so the RSPCA concluded after examining her battered dead body.
The magistrates sentenced him to a mere 18 weeks in jail and he will probably serve only half of that.
One of his family yelled in court: "He's only a kid and didn't know what he was doing' - which I think says something about the family he came from. The only sensible part of his sentence was that he has been banned from keeping animals for life. There's a petition asking for a longer sentence here.
Get justice for Jager.
Yours gloomily,
PS. You look glamorous in that sink.


  1. We all hope in a better justice system with updated law especially when it comes to animals 'rights. I believe the actual law for animal abuse is at least 100 years old and, at least, 50 years behind any "common sense" consideration! People abuse animals and get only a slap on the hand. This has to change! For now we all can sign the petition asking for proper punishment of that 18 year old criminal.

  2. Sick, cruel people are everywhere! In one of the states (I think Oregon or Washington) in the USA the police found a female pitbull beaten, raped and strangled left to die hanging on a tree! There was no report that the sick criminal who did this was ever found (and this happened recently). I just hope he'll have same fate and even worse! Yes, we need to unite and sign every petition coming our way! Hopefully the justice system and the society in general will get the message!

  3. I was listed on Kijiji for sale too! I was lucky I got a good human!
    Yes, I wish we live in an "cruelty free" world!

  4. Carla, the tuxedo catApril 27, 2016

    Totally agree with you! There is too much abuse these days and we should do everything possible to stop it!
    Carla, the tuxedo cat

    PS. Gizmo, indeed look glamorous in that sink!'s "harmony & balance"?

  5. So, so sad! We all signed the petition!

    PS. Gizmo, you look so relaxed! cute

  6. CAT VictoriaApril 29, 2016

    It's sickening! all kind of forms and shape must stop!
    Thank you Gizmo for bringing it up and thanks George for being such a strong voice against violence and abuse!
    CAT Victoria

  7. The sad news is that "that" prick is getting out of jail in few weeks! The courts did not listen to our voice! We pray for that woman and her daughter!

  8. That's BS! If that prick, as Lenny called him, is getting out of jail soon we should all unite and write or call the courts! The abuse in whatever form must stop NOW!

  9. Really sad news, Your pet is like your friend so treated like this. I have a puppy(maggie) and i am very caring about maggie. I found my puppy safe and well treated in the grooming station Bone Sweet Bone, their treatment and care my puppy like home.


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