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Saturday, October 31, 2015

I'm black: I'm beautiful: I celebrated National Black Cat Day.....and now it's Halloween

Dear George,
I may look spooky with my eyes but I am a good luck cat. I bring health and happiness to my home - like all cats do. Yes, I am black but why does that count against me?
It's sad that many humans are colour prejudiced. They won't adopt black cats. So we spend much longer in rescue waiting for a forever home.
I heard a terrible Halloween story from the USA - that around this time well meaning people pick up stray black cats to save them from being sacrificed in black magic ceremonies (probably just a rumour). They hand them into an animal shelter and because so many are handed in, many of them will be euthanised.

Please DON'T DO THIS. Celebrate diversity in your own household. Give a home to a black cat. 

Dear Blackie,
It's time we stamped out colour prejudice towards felines. We cats are far too sensible to judge humans on the colour of their skin, so why do they judge us on the colour of our fur? It's just not fair.
We are not witches' cats or devil cats or bringers of bad luck. We are just cats and we deserve better from human beings.
I am sure your human pet would be ashamed of treating a black human differently from a white human. Nowadays most humans would feel the same way. 
It's a question of justice.
George (all black)


  1. Dr. Feo BlackpussOctober 31, 2015

    Dear George and Blackie,

    Human prejudice is very real. I know this for sure, and I am only 5 months old! Out of the litter of kittens I came from, I alone was separated out by some superstitious human, while still newborn, and tied into a bag and dumped, left to die. Other humans found me and took me to the shelter, where I spent my whole life until my human female came and rescued me. Even the shelter told her I would be sickly and small my whole life--in other words, not worth the trouble. And why? All because I am a black cat.

    Clearly she was looking for a new cat to run her household, though, and saw my obvious talents, in addition to my obvious beauty. In the month and a half since I have been here, I have developed into the leader and, basically, the brains of this operation. There are three humans and two dogs, and not a single kitten's worth of sense among the lot of them combined. I have my work cut out for me.

    I digress. The point is, human superstition is weirdly prevalent in this modern age. I'm only a kitten, but I know this to be true. I sympathize with you, Blackie.

    Dr. Feo Blackpuss.

  2. Blackie, you look spooktacular :-)
    I like the white tie and, of course,...the eyes! Ready for Halloween?

  3. Yes, you are black and you are beautiful! I'm black and beautiful too!


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