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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Tigers, lions, Whiskas cat food and a disgusting dentist

Dear George,
I know this letter won't be published in time for Global Tiger Day on July 29, but I want to appeal for support from fellow felines. The problem is humans, Homo sapiens.
You little tigers, tabbies and others, have cleverly domesticated them. But, alas, we big cats  cannot do this. We thought about capturing a few, keeping them in captivity to breed, and then killing and eating them, (like humans do with cattle), but somehow our hearts were not in it. We kill to live: we don't live to kill, like some humans.
We tigers are not as deliberately cruel as humans are. We are not dentists after all (read here about the dentist that shot a lion with an arrow making it die slowly over more than 24 hours). We are just wild animals trying to survive alongside humans.
They take our land, shoot us, trap us, snare us, cut up our bodies for Chinese medicine, or stuff our corpses so that dentists can put them on a wall and feel good about themselves. Whiskas cat food are supporting Global Tiger week here.
Anonymous Tiger cub

Dear Tiger Cub,
We know how desperate our big cat cousins are getting as their number dwindle. Even us small cats, who have learned to survive by domesticating humans and living in their territory, suffer from human cruelty. There are thousands of unwanted stray cats desperate to adopt a loving human.
I was disgused to read about the story of Cecil the lion, killed by a bow and arrow and given a lingering painful death. Just so a pathetic dentist could stuff his head and put it on the wall. Shame on him. Make this revolting death mean something by by getting your human to sign a petition here. Or donate for Cecil the lion here
And, please, please, please, if you know any humans who don't have a cat, purrsuade them to adopt, or foster, or give money to unwanted stray cats.


  1. Well said, George.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  2. Very sad but very true! Humanity is still in a barbaric stage and until humans won't wake up and see that we all are inter-connected and learn to respect all sentient beings and all's not getting better. These days humans are the most destructive and evil force on earth. I just read that Cecil's brother was killed by poachers.
    George, you said it very well! We all should sign petitions to stop poaching and hunting and we all should try a bit more and a bit harder to educate humans in compassion. Just domesticating them didn't help much - we must awaken their conscience if there is any left.

  3. I signed the petition the other day. So sad about Cecil.

  4. We need to wake up collectively and support cats big and small. After all, a domestic cat has 95% DNA of a tiger.

  5. Carla, the tuxedo catAugust 05, 2015

    I couldn't agree more! But how do we wake humans up? Violence and anger will only breed violence and anger. If we educate them patiently and gently ....they might not get it! Ugh! I signed the petition.
    Carla, the tuxedo cat

  6. Shame on humans (not on all of them but ...unfortunately....on the majority)! Very well said George and everybody else. We'll sign petitions, shame them publically and put pressure on the ones which seem to be more responsible and hopefully we will get results.


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