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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Of man..... and disappointments.

Dear George, 
Your post last week made me ponder on life in general and, in particular on our lives with humans. Why humans, especially the ones closest to us, hurt and disappoint us so much and all in the name of friendship or love? I agree with Fluffy that just “domesticating them” was not enough. We failed in our training as they never developed a higher conscience or integrity. They constantly sneak behind our back and do things making us look like fools. Don’t they see it? Pondering on human behaviour I’ll quote Carl Jung who said: “I had always been impressed by the fact that there are a surprising number of individuals who never use their minds if they can avoid it, and an equal number who do use their minds, but in an amazingly stupid way”. All I can say is…..Jung was right! The stories from last week are a proof.
What should we do? Give up on them?
Very, very sad

Dear Paco,
I do understand how you feel, Paco. It hits me hard, when I hear of the humans that slaughter lions, do cruel medical experiments on cats, throw elderly cats out on the street to die rather than pay a vet's bill, or let their children tease or even torture cats. Yes, some humans are vile.
But we mustn't give up on them. We must keep the faith and try to change them, one human being at a time. For every vile dentist that slaughters a lion, there is a devoted person helping cats find good homes, or just beautiful human beings like Michelle and Dan who are kept well and happy by Fluffy.
When I despair, I think of the good humans in our lives. They balance out the bad ones. And every cat who lives in a human home can do their bit - by training their human to love and respect felines. They can be trained. Or, at least, most of them can be. Celia was always a natural cat lover but I helped train her partner, Ronnie, to love cats. From being indifferent he became a truly good cat pet.
So it can be done.
Remember. We cannot change them all, but we can change one.
So that is the human we change.
PS. Michelle has asked me to mention a good source of sensible advice for your human pet's health. Look here


  1. Oh! No! No! No! George, why did you even mention (forget about praising) my human pets? I bet Celia made you do this in a desperate attempt that you'll mention her name as well! It will go up to their heads and that means, my friend, more work for me (and you) to keep them on their toes at all times! For all interested: please read Dr. W. Gifford-Jones' "Non-Medical Tip" posted on his site on July 30, 2015. He is one of the finest MDs these days.
    Love & hugs to all

  2. To Paco: indeed, a true friend will never go behind your back - if not out of respect at least as a courtesy! My advice to you dear Paco? Move on - find another good, trustful human pet! Avoid the one who disappointed you at all cost - immediately, totally, completely.....eternally! Stick to your study of philosophy, go back to Plato - not only you'll get'll be less hurt! I assume you like Carl Jung since you quoted from his book "Man and His Symbols" so to conclude my advice to you (in regard to humans) I'll quote from the same book: "There are others who seemed to live in a most curious condition of consciousness, as if the state they had arrived at today were final, with no possibility of change, or as if the world and the psyche were static and would remain so forever. Chances and possibilities did not exist in their world, and in "today" there was no real "tomorrow". The future was just a repetition of the past."
    I wish you the best Paco. Be well.

  3. Kudos to W. Gifford-Jones, MD! I read his "non-medical tip" posted on July 30 where he condemned the dentist who killed Cecil. You have to sign-up thou if you want to read the full thing but it's all worthy. READ the "follow-up one" posted on August 5th showing a picture of a gorgeous group of lions looking ...for a dentist!
    Priceless! Bravo doctor!

  4. Hey George, are we founding the Cat Philosophical Society?

  5. Carla, the tuxedo catAugust 09, 2015

    Not a bad idea, Diego! After all....we can debate how are we going to make humans a better species.
    Carla, the tuxedo cat

  6. Mommy liked what she read on doctor Gifford-Jones's site! I like the photo with the lions :-)
    George is right - there are bad humans but there are good ones too.


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