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Saturday, July 11, 2015

The dog who saved a cat.

Dear George,

I’m not going to repeat my story as most of your blog followers know me by now but I want to introduce Hallie – the dog who saved me - she is such a goodhearted and beautiful girl. Around Christmas Hallie lost her “cat” who was her best friend. She suffered so much that her mommy (my mommy now too) had to come home with a cat who would befriend Hallie. When I arrived to my new home, Hallie was all too happy to see me but I wasn’t so sure.  I lived my life on the streets or in the pet food store until then. Of course I’ve seen dogs before but never lived with one. I was overweight and didn’t know how to play. Hallie and mommy taught me to play and have fun.  I lost the extra pounds soon and started having so much fun. Hallie even gifted me with her favorite couch – as you can see in the photo. The nickname of my new home is “harmony.” Everything and everybody is so nice, loving and lovely.

I know the saying that cats and dogs don’t get along but this is one example that actually we do. And Hallie is one smart and beautiful dog.

With gratitude


Dear Bander, 
Congratulations on your sensible relationship with Hallie. You are so obviously Top Cat. You have taken over her couch, as any self respecting cat would, and she is lying below you in a submissive posture. Quite right too. Cats should always look down on dogs.
I am so glad you have recovered the gift of play. Play is so important.  Dogs play in almost all circumstances but we cats can usually only play if we feel relaxed and happy enough. It comes of the fact that we are the more grown up than canines. Dogs are more likely to be permanently young at heart. Which is why they even look up to humans, can you believe it? Poor silly souls.
Happy endings are what I love most. So many of my friends like Tilly and Toby have gone through adversity and it is such a pleasure to read how they adopted a suitable human and achieved  happiness at last.
PS. Bad news.  Celia has decided to go North to the Shetland Islands to look at wild birds. She's not going to catch them, but just look. So she will not be available to type my blog next Saturday. I wish humans would not let us down like this.


  1. Such a nice, moving story! Bander and Hallie, you are both beautiful!
    I know your mommy must be beautiful too :-)
    Lovely photo!

    PS. George, why I'm not surprised by Celia's latest excuse, so she'll slack again on her duties towards you? She goes "to watch wild birds" - she can't even watch a mouse ..she'll scream loud! But, I must admit ...she makes me laugh! My friend I pity you! You should have fired her long ago (but, again, I know how much you love her). Love, F

  2. I want a dog like Hallie!'s way better than living with three other cats like I have to. Love the "lotus" theme pillows!
    No wonder your house is "harmony" - both of you look sooooo relax! I'm jealous!

  3. Carla, the tuxedo catJuly 13, 2015

    Good advice George!
    We should never lose our cattitude regardless how much we love our humans or our dogs :-)
    Bander, Hellie is very beautiful! You are lucky!
    Carla, the tuxedo cat

  4. Beautiful picture! Bravos!

  5. Bander, you are one lucky cat! I followed your story on George's blog.
    And....Hallie? Absolutely beautiful!

    PS. To Fluffy: you, my friend, made me laugh! For years you and your late sister, Cayenne, tried to make George get rid of Celia! That's quite comical since you just don't get it! Celia IS HERE to stay for a very long time! You are right saying that George has a soft spot for her in his heart! Live with this truth and be nice to Celia :-)))

  6. You both look so serene! So much at peace!
    Beautiful story! Hugs to your human!

  7. Glad to hear things worked out so well!


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