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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Animal communication….scam or reality?

Dear George,
I stand here today (in front of a lion ….as you can see in the photo) to debate the animal communication topic. You know very well we can communicate effectively with all species but, humans are not that evolved so, of course, we have a problem communicating with our human pets. Take my example: we are a three cat household, all rescued and, of course with health and/or emotional issues that normally come along with all rescued cats. Our mommy worries a great deal about our wellbeing! 
She tried all novel things including alternative medicine. Well, she wanted more; she wanted to hear from us what we think, what do we like or dislike, etc. So, she booked a reading with an animal communicator. Just to see how dysfunctional humans are…. they call “talking” with an animal communicator….a reading! Phew! Anyway, this woman wasn’t any good but my mommy didn’t know. I did not like her so I shut up and didn’t say anything. She “made up” some stories and charged my mommy a big fee. Mommy was a bit confused so she asked a friend who gave her someone else’s name. Well, well, well…..this time….this animal communicator not only that she was the real thing…she was a real treat! Sweet and compassionate and very, very respectful. We clicked right away and I told her lots of things, things that no one else would know. Mommy was in shock but happy! Now she has a much better understanding of what we like or not, what do we need, etc. Daddy is still skeptical about the whole thing but hopefully….one day … he’ll believe in it too.
George, I like to hear your opinion; what do you think about all this!
Yours… very telepathically

Dear Jasper, 
Telepathy? Maybe.  Extra sensory perception, or ESP - yes. We cats have an extra sense that humans lack - the sense of smell. Humans are blind and deaf to smell, poor creatures. However, there are special humans that can "read" us well. I don't quite know why but perhaps the why of it doesn't matter.
The trouble is that humans cannot tell the difference between humans who can read cats, and humans who can't but charge high prices anyway. I can smell a bad human from about 200 metres.
Can we distinguish good from bad cat experts? Of course we can. We can read our human pets without any difficulty whatsoever.  That's why we domesticated them in the first place! 
PS. Celia thinks the money would be better spent on a properly qualified cat behaviourist - but she would say that! She's toiling through her master's degree on the topic.


  1. My mommy is trying to play "telepathic communication" with me! Such a joke! But, I don't want to disappoint her so, I pretend I "got her message"! For example: "she thinks she's "telling" me to come up on her lap" Just seeing her desperate face looking at me...I know exactly what she wants so I jump on her lap! She's beaming each time I do this! So silly to see how little things make them happy! Fools! Fools! Fools!

    PS. Of course....if George has a PhD in human behavior...Celia is trying to get her Master's Degree in animal behavior! Nothing less! George, she'll slack on her duties again! But, we both love her :-)))

  2. My human is the craziest! She gets a reading a week: astrology, tarot, tea name it! And she never learned or changed anything at all! She's quite the same; things are quite the same! Thanks God she didn't came across any animal communicator! But that will be fun! Actually, I'm looking forward to a "reading" Maybe Jasper can give me privately the contact info?

  3. I'd like the contact info of that amazing person! I need to tell my humans they forced me to live with other 3 cats.
    I need to tell them what I think.

  4. Carla, the tuxedo catJuly 29, 2015

    Jasper, you look majestic (in front of that lion). How wonderful to have such a good mommy :-)
    Carla, the tuxedo cat


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