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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Using catnip - do I have a problem? CCA is the answer.

Dear George,
I seem to be spending a lot of time lying in the garden bed next to the catnip weed. As I stroll past the enticing odour hits my nose, and I feel obliged to get closer for a real long sniff.
Next thing I know I am rolling on my back over the weed in what I can only call is soooooo wonderful. I seem to be right out of this world. Nothing matters to me except the moment of pleasure.
There is one problem, however. I am beginning to worry about my supply. I think about it all the time. The plants themselves are suffering. The one on the right, which you can just see in the photo is surviving but the one on the left (on which I am rolling) only has a few rather battered small leaves. I am killing the thing I love. Any how can I guarantee a regular supply?
Am I getting addicted?
Yours anxiously (except when high)

Dear Toby,
Substance abuse (common among humans) is rare among cats. Normal cats can enjoy catnip in moderation. We can take it or leave it. Or perhaps I should say we sniff it, we enjoy it, and then we leave it. But if you are spending too much time on the catnip patch, you may have a problem.
Is using catnip interfering with your normal routine? Do you spend too much time sniffing? Have you lost interest in daily activities like mousing and chasing moths? Do you find that your relationship with your humans is suffering? Are you grumpy and jumpy on a wet day when you cannot get your normal supply? Or are you rolling a sniff even when you get your coat soaked with rain?
If you say yes to any of these questions, you may have a catnip problem. I suggest you start googling CCA or Catnip Cats Anonymous. Don't let it ruin your life. You need help.
Yours from a moderate catnip user,
PS. In your previous life on the streets, you will have seen human alcoholics and addicts in dirty macs, with bottles and gear, slumped on benches, shouting, falling over, and generally being obnoxious. Take a lesson from them - get clean before it is too late.


  1. Can you really have problem with catnip ??!!
    If you ask me you can´t to much catnip :)

  2. Life is short- enjoy all the catnip you want.

  3. Toby, yes, you are an addict by my mummy's standards (see my post few months ago). If she'll see your beautiful photo laying in the catnip patch...she'll swear you are stoned! Some humans are to loose and some are too tight but certainly....never balanced!
    My advice? Enjoy all the catnip you can and wish :-)

  4. George, are you nuts? CCA? Imagine us sitting in a circle and confessing...I nipped on one leaf or, ah! I did two!
    Are you getting old, man? us to human addicts? Brrr! Guess....Celia is having a too strong influence on you, man! Please, put her in her place and advise poor Toby to enjoy as much catnip as he wants.

  5. FredericoJune 22, 2014

    Catnip! You can't ever have too much! Mine didn't grow so well this year! I envy you Toby


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