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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cayenne. July 02, 2002 – April 02, 2013

 Cayenne crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 02 naturally and peacefully in mummy’s arms. She was sick for over a year but with good care she lived longer than expected and enjoyed her days. She was the only sister I ever knew. We came from the same litter and mummy chose us when we were 5 days old. The woman who had the litter was trying to get rid of us but mummy promised that she’ll take us and find “parents” for the other 5 kittens (which she did) with one condition: to let us be with our biological mother for few weeks. Cayenne was the smallest in the littler and mummy used to call her “the little Indian” as the white spot on her nose looked like a little feather. When we got to our parents we were 6 weeks old and Cayenne was running and playing/flying through the house like she ate hot pepper – that’s why mummy called her Cayenne
She liked to join mummy for meditation and yoga. I was never interested but, seriously, Cayenne could stay still! We all loved her very much and I knew she had a very special bond with mummy (as I have with my daddy).
I heard mummy saying that Cayenne was her soul mate and teacher. She said that Cayenne taught her unconditional love, patience, determination, loyalty, having a good sense of humor and much, much more. She was such a good sister too.
It feels very strange without her around! We feel such a void and are very sad!
We loved her so very much! We miss her immensely!

Dear Fluffy,
My readers and I send all our love and sympathies for your loss.
Words don't really express the feelings of my heart. She was a beautiful and a loving cat.
Go forth upon your journey, feline soul.


  1. Oh, Fluffy. I am so very sorry to hear about Cayenne. I feel as though I have lost a dear friend of many years' knowledge, so closely did I follow your stories. My human secretary is struggling to take dictation from me right now because her eyes are leaking all over the place. We are so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful cat, and I do believe you will meet that gentle soul again one day, when it is her turn to welcome you home. Gentle purrs, headbutts, and love to you. Puss-Puss.

  2. Tilly the Ugliest Cat in the Shelter sends her sympathies in your loss, Fluffy.

  3. We are very sorry for your loss.

  4. We are sorry to hear about Cayenne going to the Bridge. Our condolences to Fluffy.

  5. So hard to hear of a beloved soul who leaves and so hard on their beloved friends left behind.

  6. We are sorry to hear that Cayenne has gone to the Bridge.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Sending heart-healing purrs.

    What a beautiful girl, Cayenne was. Such a lovely face. I'm so sorry you are without her now but grateful that you had the time with her that you did.


  8. Fluffy, we are very sad to learn of Cayenne's passing, but to be at home in the arms of one's Mum is a good way.

    It's lovely to learn more about her (and your) origins and what a wonderful teacher she was.

    Wuudler will show her a good time at The Bridge and make sure she settles in and finds lost friends again.

    We send you and your Mum many rumbly purrs and much love

    Gerry, Mungo & The Ape xx

  9. Cayenne,on your way to light!

  10. Sir WinstonApril 15, 2013

    Cayenne, farewell my sweet cookie girl! You'll be missed!
    Sir Winston

  11. Cayenne, farewell my friend! I'll miss you and your sense od humor!

  12. Dear Fluffy, my entire family is sending you and your parents sympathies in your loss!
    We all know how special Cayenne was. We know how much you all loved her. It is a terrible loss and we are so sad and sorry!
    Purrs & love

  13. My parents and I want to thank each and everyone who sent us love, purrs, kind words and thoughts. We know that Cayenne was very much loved by us and many others (thank you Puss-Puss). She is probably now with Sigi, Wuudler (her secret love), William, Oliver, Oscar, Funny and many other furry friends that we might not even know.
    Love & hugs to all of you
    Fluffy & her parents

  14. Sanda and SashaApril 25, 2013

    Fluffy, we are sorry to hear about Cayenne. She's is at peace and with her loved ones


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