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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Hsss..... growl.....that's what I think of celebrity cats....

Dear George,
Celebrity culture really annoys me. It's bad enough when humans do it. I'm a Celebrity Get me out of Here, for instance, shows the innate trashiness and lack of intelligence of the human species.
But now cats are muscling in - Doing the Rounds with Oscar. What's so special about Oscar? Just a cat that lives in a nursing home.  A street cat named Bob. There are thousands of cats on the street so why highlight just one of them?
The latest celebrity memoir is Tilly the Ugliest Cat in the Shelter. This really infuriates me as it seems she is proud of being ugly. We cats are graceful and beautiful. Why sink so low as to be proud of being bad looking?
Yesterday, I felt I simply had to express my feelings about this ridiculous trend in celebritising cats. I sank my teeth into the offending book!
Tore it to pieces. I felt better after that. Sort of purged.
Disgusted of Brixton

Dear Disgusted of Brixton,
I share your loathing of celebrity culture. Its meaningless and the pathetic humans that take part in it. I don't know even who they are most of the time. My interest in TV is focussed solely on wildlife programmes and I usually just sleep through the rest of it. MIndlessness may appeal to humans: but not to me.
I am less sure about this trend for feline memoirs. Is it a step forward that, for the first time in years, cats are becoming celebrities? In one sense I think it is. Putting felines in the forefront of literature must be a good idea. True, we have had Saki's short story about Tobermory, and several Thomas Hardy poems about cats, but the idea of cat personalities has never really made it into the lower forms of popular literature. Till now.
Like you, I feel some of these books are frankly undignified in their appeal to those dumb creatures who are our pets. Yet humans, intellectually limited as they are, really seem to like these stories. I am not sure why but I feel we should encourage our inferior species to study us. And these books usually contain one or two necessary bits of information, the pill below the sugared surface so to speak.
Yours still pondering,


  1. Dear Disguested, I think you missed the point- at least in regards to Tilly. It is Celia who THINKS Tilly it's ugly and it is Celia "banking" on her own perception turning Tilly's rescue into a beautiful memoir. Tilly KNOWS she's beautiful, smart and ignores Celia most of the time being more focus on how to steal food :-)))
    And.....Oscars? I don't see anything bad about it. We, cats, should be acknowledged as beautiful, glamorous, intelligent!
    It is more to encourage humans to adopt us and bring us to the celebrity status!
    Hope you'll change your name to "Delighted" soon :-)

  2. Hi there (I don't know your real name and I won't call you what you call yourself) Just wanted to point that your are beautiful and I would share a bowl of food with you if you would allow me to!
    We liked the book very much - I've seen mummy crying (that's a good sign for her since after she always spoils us more):-)
    We love Celia too :-)
    Sorry, you are too beautiful to be so bitter! Come play with us!

  3. CAT VictoriaDecember 09, 2012

    You look to me like the Meow's of the cats! You are beautiful! I once fell in love with Tomasso - a rescue cat turned millionaire by his rescuer. It's nothing wrong with being famous just that I could no longer contact him directly!
    Cats should stay in touch no matter their status or fame and I think that's what George does with his blog; keeps us connected!
    CAT Victoria

  4. Hey you in Brixton, I agree totally that watching TV is a waste of time and the easiest way to brainwashing. Luckily humans have not much brain so...less to wash :-)
    Oscars! Ya! Who give a ####!?
    The book? Didn't read it yet I can't comment!
    Amigo, the truth is that we can have fun without all that jazz, right?

  5. Must agree with my friend Pepperpot about Tilly. She had Celia out of bed chasing a mouse she had brought in for a whole hour at 3am the other morning. I think that is very reasonable for a celebrity cat.
    Happy Christmas everyone. Don't forget to buy my book as well.
    Love, Harvey


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