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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mia the Cat, a true world traveller with a Scandinavian sweater.

Dear George,
I’m a world traveller! I have travelled, first class of course, to many places, some far away and some closer to home.  I’ve travelled by car, by ship, by train and by plane. All was fun – I enjoyed every single trip! I’ve even learned of a famous cat in UK who is a train station chief – I don’t know if she travels too but she got a very nice station manager suit! Well, my story is a happy tail! I was rescued when I was just few weeks old by this nice (and good looking) human who found me abandoned in a carrier with no food or water on a sidewalk near a newly demolished house. I was scared and hungry and too young to know what to do! I think at the beginning he was scared too; he didn’t know what to do with me so he start taking me with him on his trips (some for business and some for fun). He even got me a nice warm sweater for when we go up north and it’s a bit chilly! I love my sweater – it feels so cozy (see photo attached). Last month we went for a short vacation to the Caraibes! No, I didn’t get a swimsuit – I went “au naturel” since I preferred to spend my time inside the hotel room and not on the beach!
George, I’m so grateful for having such a wonderful human pet! Who could ask for more? However, last night he told me that he no longer will take me with him on his trips because he read somewhere that static electricity and the EMF (whatever is that) are very bad for cats’ health.  George, is that true? What is static and what is EMF?
Or maybe he plans to bring in another kitty and can’t afford two extra tickets?
What do you think? I know he’s looking for a cat sitter right now!

Dear Mia, 
It's difficult to know what to suggest. Electromagnetic fields are created by almost anything we plug into the mains - fluorescent lighting, TVs, computers, mobile (cell) phones, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi, powerlines..... Our homes are full of these devices, so if he is leaving you at home, you won't be protected against them. Even if he turns everything off, there will still be the field coming from your neighbour's devices.
Perhaps he just thinks you will be happier in your home surroundings. Outgoing cats can enjoy travel - camping, caravanning, etc.  Others find it too stressful.  
Below is a photo of the Japanese station manager cat at Kishi train station in Wakayama. Nitama had previously served as a stationmaser at Idakiso Station but her new job is a promotion to a bigger station.
Purrsonally I don't want to be a station manager. I hate wearing the Santa hat Celia once put on me. And I don't want to travel. I enjoy having my own territory. Just make sure that your human gets the right kind of cat sitter - one with a heavy hand when it comes to putting out food and a light touch with a fishing rod toy. Oh yes, and purrlease a cat sitter who keeps the litter box very very clean.

ia, a tru


  1. I would hate to stay home all the time! I love traveling with my human and I don't like it when she goes on a trip without me.

  2. I would think the safest place is home! I don't like leaving my home - I'm quite content being at home and eating all the treats I can :-)
    I wouldn't mind a cat sitter either long as I get my treats!

  3. Mia is a cutie- nice sweater too.


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