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Friday, August 14, 2015

Will a feline amputee be happy again?

Dear George,

I’m writing on behalf of your blog follower and our friend, Freddy who needs some tips.

Freddy lost one of his front legs to an aggressive bone cancer. His leg was amputated (from his shoulder) last week in an attempt to save his life as the cancer didn’t spread.

He’s doing fine now, is under medication and pain killers – he even jumped on the sofa. However, his mommy is very worried about Freddy. She can use any tip and advice available. Please help her to cope with the situation at this difficult time in their life.

Thanks & love


Dear Fluffy,
Of course Freddy's human is worried. She has only two legs and if one of hers was cut off, she couldn't get around at all. But we cats are superior legwise! We have four, double the human number, so if we lose one, we can manage perfectly well because we have still have three.
Yes, it takes a little time to get our balance. But we are superior to humans in that too. We have a tail.  We can balance our bodies by moving that wonderful extra wavy limb. There's some very helpful information for humans about living with a feline amputee here
Last week, Paco was reporting his disappointment with humans. Well, here is an example of a good human. She really has done her best for Freddy. I just wish that all humans were as loving as she is. 
Tell Freddy from me get going on his three legs. Purr a lot to calm down your human.
We Cats Can Do It. 
PS. For people with disabled cats, there might be some useful information on Celia's website about disabled animals.


  1. A couple of our neighbors in our building have three legged woofies and they are always running circles around their humans! They are happy little dogs and nothing stops them. Walkies anyone?

  2. freddie.....we haza lot oh friends with a missin limb......we all sew noe how scared yur mom iz, pleez ta tell her it will bee oh kay....we send de manee blessings o st francis yur way ya ree mane cancer free.....♥♥♥ all de best two ewe dood ♥♥♥

  3. We had a 3-legged cat for years and it amazed me how strong her other paws were and how her whiskers were much shorter on that side to compensate.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about it Freddy! You'll be fine with your humans love & support.

    PS. Excellent advice George usual.


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